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Hello, I'm Andrea V. Franceschi, known as Istriceillustra in the art world. For as long as I can remember, I've been drawing, and for the past 8 years, I've loved doing it all around the world.

Drawing has been my hobby since childhood, and as I grew up, it turned into my profession, although I don't perceive it as such. During my high school years, I explored various art forms until I realized that I wanted to tell stories through my pencil in life. So, I enrolled in the International Academy of Comics for an illustration course, and from there, my passion ignited even more.


After completing the academy, my journey took me to the other side of the world, where I discovered that what I had to tell resonated with others. Thus, Istriceillustra was born, my 360-degree illustration project. In this incredible adventure, I've lived extraordinary experiences, including the publication of two books and a third one about to be released. My path crossed with many people who had wonderful stories to tell, and together we created beautiful books, collaborated on branding design, undertook commissions, and much more.

What I love the most is that Istriceillustra allows me to explore different fields, but above all, to tell my story and yours just as I had imagined at the beginning of this journey! Now, brimming with ideas and new projects, I eagerly await to see what will unfold in the next chapters of this beautiful story.


PUBLICATIONS "The Umbrella of Matteo" - Rusconi-Pane e Sale editions "Corrado the Astronaut and the Pirates of Holes" "Istriceillustra" - Psicografici editors

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